About After Pandora

Originally inspired by the film Shortbus and run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, After Pandora brings together a diverse cross-section of people from London's Fetish and BDSM scenes. We aim to provide a constantly-evolving space where open-minded people can express themselves creatively and sexually.

Throughout the year we throw themed private play parties for around 100 of our members. Each event is unique, with a distinctive mood and performances enhanced by atmospheric decor. Our members respond creatively to the theme through their costumes and the roles they adopt as they explore.

Most months, we also hold socials, giving our members a chance to catch up with each other in a relaxed setting. These take various forms, including bar meetups, film nights and performance events.

If you're already a member, and you would like to offer your assistance with our community, whether it be technical, logistical, artistic or whimsical, please complete our Skills Offered form.